Utilisation of Bamboo

Utilisation of bamboo in the State

In Tripura, bamboo is utilised for:
           1. Rural Housing: posts, walls, roof structure, roofing material, scaffolding, fencing and gates (Bari, Barak, Muli, Makal).
           2. Agricultural implements, baskets, food grain containers rain shields, head gear and other functional products.
           3. Edible shoots for food, partcularly amongst tribal communities.
           4. Handicraft items: toys, ‘morra’, winnowing trays, handfans, mats (Muli, Paora and Mritinga), wall panels, screens (Mritinga, makal), umbrella handles (Muli), fishing rods (Kanak kaich), agarbatti sticks (Paora, Dolu, Barak).
           5. Supply of raw material to the Panchgram paper mill.
Around 80 % of bamboo utilised in the State comprises 3 species: Muli (Melocanna baccifera), Bari (Bambusa polymorpha) and Barak (Bambusa balcooa).

The estimated quantity of bamboo used for different items of value addition is as follows:

Sl.No. Different items No. of bamboo used (million)
1 Toys, mats, wall panels, screens, Decorative items 0.90
2 Agarbatti sticks 1.10
3 Fishing rods 0.25
4 Umbrella stick 0.25
5 Bamboo mats 0.70
Total 3.20