Tourism Sector

Other Potential Sectors

Organic Spices :
• The favourable agro-climatic condition, low use of chemicals and the availability of good varieties of spices offer good opportunities for development and procurement of spices.
• Major spices : Ginger (4170.42 MT), Turmeric (3,381 MT), Chilli (2,085 MT), Black Pepper (41.15 MT)
• There is an ample scope for area expansion under organic spices cultivation in Tripura. Major spices include Ginger, Turmeric, Chilli, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Tezpatta.

Medicinal Plant sector :
• At least 266 Medicinal plants with 68 species of trees, 71 herbs, 39 shrub and 88 climbers.
• The State Government has constituted the Medicinal Plant Board of Tripura.
• The Medicinal Plant Policy has been declared by the State Government.

Bio-Fuel Sector :
• Potential in Bio-Fuel sector by planting Jatropha curcas.
• Constitution of State Bio-Fuel Mission under Forest Department is in anvil.
• The State Government invites investment in this sector through PPP mode.

Eco-Tourism :
• One of the Global Bio diversity Hotspots with diverse kind of biological and cultural variance.
• Great potential for development of Eco Tourism in the designated protected areas of Trishna, Sepahijala and Roa.