Mineral Resources & Forestry Based

Other Opportunities - Service Sector

• Tourism.
• Health.
• Education.
Tripura is an attractive tourist destination. The state has a rich cultural heritage. There are a number of historical Hindu, Buddhist sites. The State also has rich flora and fauna. There is also great potential for development of tourist circuits, involving all the NE states and if possible, Bangladesh as well. All this offers attractive opportunities for the Hospitality Industry.

The Govt. of Tripura has always put a lot of emphasis on healthcare for all. Over the years, a reasonably good infrastructure of health institutions has been created in the State. However, providing good healthcare to all the citizens is a gigantic task and in this respect, private sector can play a very significant role. There are 2(two) Medical Colleges, one in Government sector and another one in Private sector. Also, there are some private Nursing Homes in the State and there is potential for more private investment in this important sector.

The Government of Tripura has similarly put a lot of emphasis on providing good education to all the people and the result is very high level of literacy in the State. The state has a University, an National Institute of Technology (NIT), and a Polytechnic Institute. However, there is a great potential for private investment in this field also, by way of setting up of educational institutions in fields like Information Technology, Telecommunication, Bio-Technology etc.